martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

Love to match in love

Love to match in love,
Your smile´s a brush,
The air being yor canvas,
Sweeping the air with your arms,
The sighs are withdrawn from intention,
And the treasure won´t burn,
Still, I love to match in love.

Sweeping around in the corners of my brain,
Your scent reminds me of hope, that which is to be recovered.
Being up in arms is my staple food ,
I go on and off as quickly as a match,
Still, I love to match in love.

And If my little world won´t fit in,
And its immensities appear too little,
I´ll try and burn here and there,
Only awaiting for your intuition to unearth,
Not only my darkness,
But also my struggle to take heart and ruin the tiny and fleeting moment.

Giving it in, I´ve successfully tried plenty of times,
But cloud nine methodically approaches time and time with rain,
And it washes my  colours like endless tears.
I find  no solace in circling this life,
Either with God or with scribbled pages,
I always end my way tumbling,
Still, I love to match in love.

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